The Kitchen



The Suites, all the restaurant areas and kitchen at La Speranzina are the result of a wide excavation in 700 cubic meters of land directly at the lake level; 300 square meters kitchen, entirely designed by the owner Stefano Giordani. A brigade of chefs operates in a very comfortable working atmosphere, with the last cuisine equipments. Everything has been designed in an eco-sustainable perspective and particular attention has been paid to the healthiness of the environment; the appliances are electric or induction, ensuring maximum hygiene.

The raw materials are carefully selected to bring the best of local products to the table, combined with more refined ingredients to create unique dishes. Particular attention is given to the presentation of the dishes. Each preparation becomes an event that enhances the senses and brings great emotions to the table.

Speranzina has a cuisine where tradition is closely associated with gastronomic experimentation. Great importance is given to the selection of all products, only of the highest level, trying to identify the best cooking technique. Fresh sea and lake fish, local vegetables and mushrooms, strictly Garda oils are the basis of our menus which scrupulously explore the seasons. Two independent working areas have been dedicated to desserts as the haute patisserie is an absolute protagonist, and bread-making.


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